Ideology of the Forum


Annual Russian Forum dedicated to the issues of management efficiency and control in the field of construction.


"In 2018, we held our first event - a Forum on the effectiveness of management and control in the field of construction, which aroused great interest among the professional community and all participants of the investment and construction process.


Despite the substantive wording of the title, the topics that specialists wanted to discuss went far beyond the agenda and the time of the event during the Forum. That is why, at the First Forum "Management and Control of Construction" on the whole, we considered the general problems of the implementation of investment and construction projects.


A year has passed, which greatly changed the business landscape of the construction industry, technology, legislative regulation and responsibility of individuals and legal entities to the supervisory authorities and the investor. All these changes coincide with the requests of the participants of the last Forum for the transition to a detailed immersion in the issues of management, organization of construction, control, and application of modern technologies throughout the life cycle of a construction project. This logic is the key feature of the Forum, allowing the Manager to dive into each block of problems and solutions at all stages of the project.


The construction sector remains one of the system locomotives of the Russian economy, the conservatism of which is expressed by a combination of high customer requirements and an extremely low level of performance of the task: constant schedule overrun, exceeding budgets, design errors, systematic violations of the quality of construction, technological backwardness.


The above mentioned increases the interest of the professional audience to the issues of management efficiency, open discussion, consideration of successful cases, implementation of best practices".

Organizing Committee of the Forum.



**A company can be represented only by two participants (President / CEO or Managing Director, Chairman of the Board or Board of Directors, Deputy Head of the Company, Head of the relevant subdivision).


The Purpose of the Forum


To help participants of investment projects in the format of an open dialogue to explore the potential of modern solutions and technologies in the field of management and control of construction. Their integration will increase the profitability and efficiency of investment in construction, reduce risks and costs, and improve the quality of management of construction processes.


Forum Program


Each year, the industry forum becomes a place for discussion of key issues on the management and control of construction, digitalization of basic construction processes and the integration of technological solutions in the industry.


Forum events are held in the format of panel sessions and plenary discussions devoted to the discussion of current trends in the construction industry.



As part of the preliminary program of 2019, it is planned to concentrate on the issues of management in construction and the application of new digital technologies to increase the efficiency of the construction process:

  • management models for development and contract business;
  • construction project management systems;
  • mechanisms to control the targeted expenditure of the funds;
  • digitalization of executive documentation;
  • building effective models of procurement and tender procedures;
  • the use of modern technologies for laser scanning of objects, software systems for building control automation, robots, and drones for construction.


The program “Management and Control of Construction - 2018” can be found on the official website of the forum in the section “Program-2018”.


Exhibition at the forum site


An exhibition of innovative solutions will be held within the exhibition space of Forum "Management and Control of Construction - a unique space for building constructive dialogue, finding solutions, consolidating efforts and exchanging experience between forum participants.


The participants of the exhibition will present unique developments and solutions in the field of construction control and construction management. In the mode of direct dialogue, guests of the Forum will be able to get acquainted with them in detail, find out for themselves how to integrate the presented solutions into existing business processes.



More information about the exhibition Forum 2018 is available in the section “Exhibition 2018”.