Become a speaker

We invite interesting, bright and inspiring experts who are ready to share their knowledge and practical experience with colleagues and representatives of all the main participants in the construction process to take part in the second annual industry forum in Russia "Management and Control of Construction - 2019" as speakers.


Your report should be useful and applicable to the participants of the conference. We do not approve of advertising in performances. Only partners can advertise their products directly or indirectly (for more information about the terms of the partnership, see the page “Become a partner”.


  • project management systems, expertise of design and estimate documentation;
  • mechanisms to control the targeted expenditure of the funds;
  • as-built documentation - transition to electronic document flow;
  • blockchain technology in construction;
  • BIM-technologies in the field of design automation;
  • the use of technology for laser scanning of objects, the use of specialized software systems for building control automation;
  • the use of robots and drones for construction.



To participate in the Forum, we plan to attract more than 300 major representatives of all the main participants in the construction process:

  1. leading design and construction companies in Russia;
  2. financial institutions (banks, investment companies);
  3. Russia's largest companies investing in the construction and reconstruction of facilities;
  4. consulting, expert and engineering companies;
  5. innovative solutions developers;
  6. leading educational institutions;
  7. federal and regional public authorities.


If you are ready to become a speaker, we ask you:

  • to familiarize yourself with the program of the Forum-2019;
  • to choose the session in which you are ready to speak;
  • to fill in the application form for presentation. Specify the event in which you want to participate.


After receiving your proposal, it will be sent to the Organizing Committee for consideration. After making a decision, you will be sent a decision on participation.


Contact person for participation and registration: Kristina Erokhina (Tel: +7 495 796-17-92,